Wednesday, September 2, 2009

IB Technicolor Shorts at the Silent Movie Theater

Went to the Silent Movie Theater last night to see Jerry Beck's Animation Tuesday. It was a great presentation of films from the 30's to the 50's, including Mickey, Baby Huey, Tom Thumb, and lesser known characters. He included one Tom and Jerry short that had slugs from an Eastman Kodak print (to preserve the audio and timing) that were completely pink in comparison.

He started with an early 30's short called "Woodland Cafe":

It's got double bouncing characters AND grasshoppers in black face.

This next one, "Mickey's Garden," was on a tape my mother got for us when we were little. Although I vaguely remembered the images and storyline, it was the sound design that I remembered beat by beat:

He played a "saccharine" Raggedy Ann short about a blind girl who accepts a rag doll from a policeman that stops by everyday to hit on her mother, and for the first time uses her imagination to guess what her mother looks like. She imagines a blonde princess, when in reality her mother is a perfectly attractive brunette. Thanks, Raggedy Ann, for gettin em while their young and can't see.

We always get a cupcake from the SMT, because they are Crumbs cupcakes and they are awesome.

Crumbs Cupcake: Cookie Dough

Description: Vanilla cake with chocolate fudge filling covered in our signature vanilla cream cheese frosting mixed with soft chocolate chip cookie pieces and topped with a chocolate chip cookie.

Rating: 3.5 / 5 Sprinkles. Very good, but not the best I've had from them. The 'cake' part did indeed have a delicious rawness to it, but the chocolatey surprise in the middle was a bit unwelcome. The cookie on top was too soft.

And I learned about this brilliantly simple childrens' series from Spain today. So simple! So direct! So easy to make and understand!

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  1. ohno i watched the whole spanish kids show. it was so entertaining! maybe i can learn spanish...